If you must choose how the current world that we’re living in should go down, what would that be? Go on… Wear that Mad Scientist lab coat. I’ll wait… Muahahahahahaha!!

Luckily, we don’t have a mad scientist that will destroy our world. However, that doesn’t mean the world as we know it won’t go down.

Jokes aside, this is a really serious business. And if you think of it, the idea that the world that we’re living in can or will someday end, is age-old idea and not that far-fetched from reality.

A team of real scientists (assumingly the “non-evil” variants) from Oxford University’s Future of Humanity Institute and the Global Challenges Foundation has rumoredly gathered together in a (semi)-dark room at an undisclosed location to come up with the first serious scientific assessment of the apocalyptic risks that we face.

In none of those scenarios you would end up happy.

So, what have they come up with?

There are at least 12 scenarios in which the world could end, according to the scientists. In none of those scenarios you would end up happy.

One of the scenario is rather well known, it’s the famous rock from the space, a.k.a our friend Asteroid.

Asteroid impact
It might sound like the stuff of science-fiction – but a major asteroid impact could lead to the end of the world. Large asteroid collisions – with objects 5 km or more in size – happen about once every 20 million years and would have an energy a 100,000 times greater than the largest bomb ever detonated. A land impact would destroy an area the size of a nation like the Netherlands. Should an asteroid hit, destruction would be caused by the clouds of dust shot into the atmosphere – affecting climate, food supplies and creating political instability – rather than the initial impact.

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