Are you ready for the next big thing in television and broadcasting technology? BBC, the British Broadcasting Company, certainly is preparing to bring the future of TV to your home.

A research team at BBC, has recently been working on an incredible experimental holographic TV and has successfully produced a working prototype with some stunning results.

Although the resolution of the holographic images was rather low-fi, but it proved that the concept was feasible and worthy of further development.

This is all part of our work exploring emerging technologies for future audiences – in fact, our Research and Development team wrote a theoretical paper on holographic techniques back in the 1970s. You may remember that we dipped our toe in the water with virtual reality when it first came out and have since gone on to create several experimental pieces of 360 video and virtual reality content.

While virtual reality has been grabbing the headlines, some of the worlds’ largest technology companies have recently been investing in mixed reality and augmented reality, which has just become a mainstream phenomenon, if you are a fan of catching certain pocket monsters. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg: if devices such as Microsoft’s HoloLens and the Google backed Magic Leap also capture the public’s imagination, we could soon find ourselves in a situation where the lines between digital content and the real world become increasingly blurred.

Read more on the BBC blog site for the whole story.