Future often is an unknown destination. It can go either north or south. We hope for a better and more optimistic future. But when realities disappoint and bring us to the place we don't want to be, we better be prepared.

Hawkings Thinks We Better Find Aliens Before They Find Us

Stephen Hawkings, aged 74, the world-renowned British cosmologist and theoretical physicist, wants to find aliens before they find us. Hawkings has been sounding alarm and warning us that having aliens visiting us...

The 12 Angels Of Apocaplyse: The Scientists’ Version

There are at least 12 scenarios in which the world could end, according to the scientists. In none of those scenarios you would end up happy.
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BBC Prepares For The Future Of Television With Holographic TV Experiment

Are you ready for the next big thing in television and broadcasting technology? BBC, the British Broadcasting Company, certainly is preparing to bring the future...

5 Future Cars You Want Now

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