What will our society look like in the future with transhumanism and singularity become a reality? Things will not be the same. The days of "super hero" might not only be stories in comic books. With the world become more virtual and augmented, do we still need to physically meet with each other? Will our rules and principles changed?

World’s First: Baby With “Three Parents”!

A boy was born. He might look just like any other boy. But he's all but "just like any other boy". The 5 months old baby boy is the first to be born...

A Typical Day In Future Living (in 2020?)

Your day in future living is not that much different than today. Except for the exciting technologies you can use. Driverless car. Holographic game. Drone. AI. And all those fantastic stuffs you're only dreaming today.

What The World’s Population Will Look Like In 2050

With the populations that keep growing, what will the world looks like in the future? According to some estimates, the world population is projected to grow from 6.9 billion in 2010 to...
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BBC Prepares For The Future Of Television With Holographic TV Experiment

Are you ready for the next big thing in television and broadcasting technology? BBC, the British Broadcasting Company, certainly is preparing to bring the future...

5 Future Cars You Want Now

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