Soon you’ll be able to board the world’s most luxurious commercial jet and enjoy five-star treatment including Michelin-star menu restaurant and on-board butlers.

With only $50,000 you’ll get a ticket for a 14-day hop-on hop-off ride.

Edie Rodriguez, the CEO of Crystal Cruises, a US-based travel company Crystal, told a gathering of media in New York that the AirCruises will take flight next September with pre-inaugural flights leading to a debut in October 2017.

Via TravelMarketReport:

Itineraries are expected to be announced next month. Rodriguez said, while the guests will travel as a group, in destinations there will be opportunities to split up for different activities.

Seats in the 777 will be configured 2x2x2 side-by-side, all facing forward. As most of the passengers are expected to be couples or groups of family and friends, Cavaliere said it didn’t make sense to have the pods or enclosed suites that Emirates, Etihad, and British Airways feature in their first class cabins.

In destinations where a jumbo jet can’t land there will be transfers by smaller private jets or helicopters from a main airport to the destination. Crystal will be using FBOs, so customers will bypass the main terminals. Outside of big cities where the tours will use top end luxury hotels, accommodations might be in castles or manor houses not open to the general public as well as small hotels.